2013 Australia – Significant Aboriginal Dates in Aboriginal History

10 April 2013 is Youth Homelessness Matters Day

Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2013

The Aims of Youth Homelessness Matters Day are to;
•Raise Public Awareness about youth homelessness and the factors that cause it. Most people have an image of homelessness as being about older people sleeping rough on the streets. Also that youth homelessness is everyone’s business.


•Celebrate the Resilience of Young People to convey a message that young people experiencing homelessness are homeless, but not helpless! YHMD aims to communicate that with good support and accommodation young people can move forward and live their lives productively.
•Provide information to the general public about how they can help to end youth homelessness. Many community members are sympathetic to the plight of homeless people however often find it hard to know how they can help. YHM Day aims to help people get not only facts and figures on homelessness but how to directly aid homeless young people in their community.

•For more information on how you can be involved in the April 2013 event visit http://www.youthhomelessnessmatters.net/

Recommended Resources – Our Place Magazine produced by The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT)

The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) is a national Indigenous science and technology not-for-profit organisation. CAT was established in 1980 and is incorporated under the Northern Territory Associations Act. CAT is governed by an Indigenous Board.

CAT works with remote communities across central and northern Australia and has offices in Alice Springs (NT), Darwin (NT), Derby (WA) and Cairns (QLD).

CAT has 120 staff. Thirty percent are Indigenous.

CAT is the owner of a company, Ekistica Pty Ltd, which trades as CAT Projects. The company delivers professional engineering services and solutions designed to enhance the sustainability of remote and urban communities across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. More information is available at www.catprojects.com.au

CAT manages the Bushlight project, delivering renewable energy services to remote Indigenous communities across northern Australia. More information is available at www.bushlight.org.au

Through the Desert Peoples Centre Joint Venture, CAT is the managing agency for the desertHub – a social enterprise development and support initiative. More information is available at www.deserthub.org

What is Our Place Magazine?

Our Place Magazine is published three times a year and features articles about people and technology in the bush.

Our Place Magazine is distributed nationally and globally, to Aboriginal organisations,communities, Government agencies, non-profits, Universities, Research organisations and stake-holders in both print and digital formats.


Subscription to Our Place magazine is free to people living or working in Indigenous communities.

Opinions expressed in Our Place are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the CAT Board or staff.

The production of Our Place is funded by the Australian Government, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.


This magazine contains images of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Caution should be exercised while reading this magazine, as some of these images may be of deceased persons.

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