Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

Friday 2 August 2013 – Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

Djarimirri by Gurrumul Yunupingu


Gurrumul is an enigma in the Australian music industry.

Born blind, Gurrumul grew up as a member of the Gumatj clan on Elcho Island, off the coast of tropical North East Arnhem Land. His fragile but powerfully emotive voice has affected the public in a way no other artist has done in this country.  This unique Aboriginal man sings songs about identity, spirit and connection with the land, its elements and the ancestral beings he is related to. His high tenor voice and aura-like persona creates emotion, compassion and a feeling of peacefulness and longing with audiences in Australia and around the world.

In today’s world where the media and the music industries are based around hype, fashion and disposable artists, Gurrumul has emerged as unique celebrity, who will ‘change the way you breathe’ (Brisbane Courier Mail, 2008) and change the way people listen to and experience his Yolngu cultural world through an accessible Western music style.

Gurrumul first came to attention when he released his eponymous debut to international claim. His angelic voice connected with listeners worldwide including Elton John, and Sting who are big fans.  The debut album ‘Gurrumul’ has sold half a million copies worldwide, reaching Triple Platinum in Australia, his second solo album ‘Rralaka’ released in April 2011 has hit Platinum, and the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine declared Gurrumul “Australia’s Most Important Voice” (Rolling Stone, April 2011)

Gurrumul has performed for HRH The Queen of England, US President Barak Obama, Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, in addition to being one of only two Australian performers at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace, confirming this multi award-winning musician’s place as an international star, capable of transcending cultural boundaries.
Musical Background: 

    1989 – 1992 Member of Yothu Yindi & featured on Tribal Voice album
    1999 Yothu Yindi One Blood album – musician
    2002 Yothu Yindi Garma album – musician
    1999 – present Member of Saltwater Band on the following albums:  Gapu Damurrur [1999], Djarridjarri (Blue Flag) [2004], Malk [2010]

Sisters Inside – Debbie Kilroy on women in prison | The Stringer

Sisters Inside – Debbie Kilroy on women in prison | The Stringer.

‘Wrong Side of the Road’ returns to cinemas [HD] ABC RN Breakfast

Published on Jun 14, 2013

In 1981, the film Wrong Side of the Road won a string of awards both here and internationally. It was a low budget feature which aimed to bring modern Indigenous music to a non-Indigenous audience. The film has been remastered and screens tonight at the Sydney Film Festival.
ABC RN Breakfast –…

AU review talks to Graham Isaac, co-writer and co-producer of the 1981 Ned Lander film “Wrong Side of the Road”, about the film’s restoration and soundtrack re-release

Published on Jun 16, 2013

the AU review talks to Graham Isaac, co-writer and co-producer of the 1981 Ned Lander film “Wrong Side of the Road”, about the film’s restoration and soundtrack re-release.

The film screened as part of the 2013 Sydney Film Festival in celebration of its restoration, cementing the film’s status as an iconic piece of Australian cinema.

The film follows two days in the lives of Aboriginal bands Us Mob and No Fixed Address, as they trek from Port Adelaide to Point Pearce, South Australia. A little more about the bands: Us Mob favours hard rock, No Fixed Address prefers a Jamaican reggae beat.

Interview/Camera/Edit: Larry Heath

Filmed at the Hilton in Sydney on June 9th, 2013.

SNAICC National Conference Cairns Queensland 4 – 6 June 2013

SNAICC National Conference Cairns Queensland 4 – 6 June 2013.

New images posted of Yarrabah State School Dance Troupe today!