Make your 2016 theme Lateral Love

2016 is the Year of Lateral Love

This year we embark upon a vision to take Lateral Love into the most practical places in our lives, and to embody the spirit that is caring, sharing, nurturing, love and respect as the way forward for our children, grandchildren, elders and the wider community.

Lateral Love

To make Lateral Love your theme, use the hashtag #LateralLove2016 and post a photo, video or your own experiences, that shows how you feel Lateral Love is the way forward ending Lateral Violence.


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Teaching Truly

Get your copy of Lateral Love Ambassador Don Trent Jacobs (aka Four Arrows) phenomenal book – For the first time in educational publishing, Teaching Truly offers K-16 teachers course-specific guidelines for indigenizing mainstream education. The goal is to facilitate greater educational integrity and relevance in the classroom now, without waiting for more «reforms» to policy, standards or curricula in general. Incorporating reality-based teaching common in traditional Indigenous learning cultures, each chapter first exposes educational hegemony, including that existing within the new «common core standards», and then offers alternative, time-tested perspectives and exercises to counter and/or counter-balance such hegemony. Addressing eight common subject areas, the material can be adapted for different grade levels and can be applied to other mainstream courses.

Lateral Love® Quote of the Day

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“Love opens all doors, love heals all wounds, love never refuses to go that extra mile.” ~ Eileen Caddy (One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community)

Lateral Love ® Quote of the Day

Lateral Love® Quote of the Day


Lateral Love Co-Founder & Director Brian Butler’s address to the 1st Human Rights Media Awards

“No colonized country in the world has closed the gap between the rich and the grass roots people”Lateral Love ®

Lateral Love ® Quote of the Day

Lateral Love® Quote of the Day

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”Colin Powell

Lateral Love® Quote of the Day