? Question of the Day ?

How many of us have experienced people we know or love behaving badly towards us recently?

Frequent manifestations of lateral violence include:

• nonverbal innuendo (raising eyebrows, face-making),

• bullying,

• verbal affront (overt/covert, snide remarks, lack of openness, abrupt responses, gossiping),

• shaming,

• undermining activities (turning away, not being available, social exclusion),

• withholding information,

• sabotage (deliberately setting up a negative situation),

• infighting (bickering, family feuds),

• scapegoating,

• backstabbing (complaining to peers and not confronting the individual),

• failure to respect privacy,

• broken confidences,

• organisational conflict,

• physical violence.

The Lateral Violence we are talking about is far from being the ‘fuzzy buzz word’ that many people choose to used to dismiss this destructive behaviour.

We must acknowledge our actions and behaviours to be able to work towards healing our souls to create positive opportunities for our future generations.

Spirit of Uluru


2 thoughts on “? Question of the Day ?

  1. Good post…I have been experiencing this, with someone very close to me. I had a good talk with them just a while ago actually, resolved some things. Thanks for sharing this piece🙂

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