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Looking Out For Business – 2012 National Tour – By Nicola Butler 

Terri Janke and Company presented a series of half-day workshops introducing Intellectual Property (IP) Management Plans to Indigenous enterprise.

The second to last workshop, held this week in Adelaide on Tuesday 23rd October at the Tandanya Cultural Institute was a huge success. Just one of the 10 successful workshops held in 10 cities, the series commenced on Monday 14th May in Brisbane, touring through Cairns, Rockhampton, Sydney, Perth, Broome, Darwin, Melbourne before hitting Adelaide this week with Hobart still to come in November 2012.

The opportunity was exceptionally well presented, providing invaluable information, insight and advice for all of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants who attended on the day. Valued at $300 these workshops have been made possible for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders people who own or manage their own businesses or who were thinking about self-employment, through the much appreciated support of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

It was a pleasure to attend the half-day workshop here in Adelaide, presented by the inspirational Ms Terri Janke who states that “much of the growth in the Australian business sector has been due to the increasing importance of Intellectual Property (IP) assets. However, while more and more business owners are becoming more concerned about their IP rights, a substantial number of Indigenous businesses are not taking full strategic advantage of their IP assets to establish competitive advantage, protect cultural integrity and increase profits. Intellectual Property is an asset, not unlike real estate.  It’s your property and is valuable for your economic future”.

The 2012 National Tour prompted participants to think seriously about how they are managing their IP and what plans they could be putting into place to protect their ideas and know-how with regard to copyright, trademarks and designs. Learning that Intellectual Property (IP) Management Plans are more than just pre-cautionary measures and that a plan can help to clarify the present with a vision to the future, Ms Janke reminding us all the way that “your knowledge is your future”.

It was a motivating afternoon as we were treated to a few hours in the presence of Ms Janke, head of Australia’s leading Indigenous Intellectual Property firm. Ms Janke provided encouragement along with practical advice, networking opportunities and course materials for us to take away and further work on developing and protecting our individual Intellectual Property with thought provoking ideas to improve the way we move forward with our businesses into the future.

If you are in Tasmania or can get to Hobart, I urge you all not to miss this final opportunity to attend the closing workshop of the National Tour being held in Hobart on Monday 12th November 2012.

To apply for a place in the final workshop please visit the website www.terrijanke.com.au or download the PDF at http://www.terrijanke.com.au/documents/TerriJanke_LookingOutforBusiness_4.pdf

Further information can be obtained by contacting Ms Marnie Anderson from Terri Janke & Company Pty Ltd via Telephone 02 9693 2577, Fax 02 9693 2566 or Email: marnie@terrijanke.com.au

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