Quote of the Day

“My parents, elders, siblings, extended family and society have all contributed in some way to my own ‘inner voice’. As an adult my ‘inner voice’ continues to have the power to boost me up or pull me down, depending on the situations I face and my emotional capacity at the time. We really do shape the ‘inner voice’ of every child that is gifted to our care and protection. The adults of tomorrow will carry their ‘inner voice’ with them through all of the trials and tribulations that life will relentlessly throw their way. It is our responsibility as adults to step up and be the protectors, nurturers and care givers ensuring our children are enshrined with a healthy toolkit for success by enriching their ‘inner voice’ positively for the future. This toolkit for success needs to be jammed packed with trust, worth, self-esteem and empowerment based on lateral love both within our families and within our communities. Positively nurturing the potential ‘inner voice’ of every child is what is needed to enable our future leaders to believe in themselves, to know that it is ‘ok’ to dream big and to want to succeed, and to have the initiative and drive to follow their big dreams and true life purpose by reaching their full potential. Every child in this world is worthy and deserving of our non-discriminate efforts in this regard.” ~ Nicola Butler 2012

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