Quote of the Day

“An elder in my opinion is someone who is still learning, who teaches what they already know, who has a good sense of right and wrong, who is striving to reach and be the best that they possibly can, who facilitates voice for our mob and all humanity, who builds rather than destroys, who sees positive contribution as an integral part of our growth as people, who knows that children are the key to a better world, who has patience, who is kind, who has courage, an Elder sits within all of us waiting to come out. An Elder is someone who is good, wise and kind, who does not practise lateral violence, who is not afraid to admit their mistakes and who enshrines the best of humanity as something to strive for themselves and to encourage all that acknowledge them as elders to do the same. In essence, an Elder, is a bridge to the rest of ourselves being able to better ourselves beyond our own imagination.”Koorie Worker Pg 90 Forever Business Report 

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