Dancing with Decolonization

Every one has heard the crabs in the bucket story. Most Indigenous people have heard it applied to themselves and their communities. A big ol’ bucket of Indian crabs pulling at each other so the other can’t move into the suburbs with the mollusks and starfish.

In the words of George Watsky:

“Don’t drag each other down, cause being a crab in a bucket is mad lonely.
Be the crab escaping from crab prison.
Who creates a crab rope out the window made only of crab homies.”

Have ya’ll ever asked why it’s like this? The term lateral violence should ring some bells. If one who is oppressed (aka held back by society) cannot strike upwards (to the powers that be), then they will strike outwards to those who are nearest to them.

Those who are nearest are the children, sacred gifts from the Creator. Family members, aunts, uncles, and…

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