Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

Friday 6 September 2013 – Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

The Schoolly Crew – ‘Children Of The Sun’

Published on 29 Oct 2012

Created in October 2012 as part of a 4 week community project in the one of the more remote indigenous communities in the Central Desert – Alparrurulam, NT. Located around 7hrs from Alice Springs, and 3hrs from Mt Isa.

This project looked at using music, film and storytelling to celebrate local culture and community, and bringing attention to the issue of alcohol and binge drinking in NT communities.

‘Children Of The Sun’ is the first of four songs to come out of a partnership between Desert Pea Media and Barkly Shire Council. It will be included on a DVD compilation to be released later in 2012.

Artistic Director Toby Finlayson
Music produced by Joel ‘Roc West’ Westlake
Written,Shot and edited by Toby Finlayson
Co-facilitated and directed by Yze and Orb

Awesome team.


Lookadilay, what now? Welcome to my town
Yawada people. Listen to the sound

Ear to the ground, big Llira, Big sky

No car, so we take old bacon for a ride

Yawada people the deadly kids
Breakdance in the dirt, backspin back flips, headspin
Anything yep we can do
I’d like to introduce the deadly crew

Who? Alparrululam! wassup
When the sun beat down is it hot enough?
At the disco we go battle it out
If you Yawada and proud then shout out loud
Alparrulum we the crew

Children of the sun
Children of the sun
Comin from the desert comin comin from the Desert
Strength and unity and strength
Children of the sun
Children of the sun – high

Dogs are biting mobs are fighting
Babies crying kids are hiding
Read the writing take care of ya mob
Be safe be strong say no to grog

Coz we better than that
We make the deadliest rap
You can follow the track all over the map
Put a fishin line in ya backpack — walk along
Give up the grog stay strong…

Children of the sun
Children of the sun
Comin from the desert comin comin from the Desert
Strength and unity and strength
Children of the sun
Children of the sun

About Lateral Love® Australia

Lateral Love® Australia Lateral Love® Australia is devoted to bringing lateral violence, particularly for Aboriginal & Islander (including the Torres Strait) Peoples of Australia, into the public arena. Lateral Love® Australia aims to share truthful information about the history of Australia, highlighting the deliberate impact of colonization, and the damage made to the Human Spirit regardless of race due the manifestations of lateral violence. William Brian Butler & his niece Nicola Butler are the individuals behind the "Lateral Love® & Spirit of Care for all Humankind 2012 - 2022 Campaign". This campaign is a product of the culmination of the life works of William Brian Butler and Nicola Butler creating an ongoing, living, breathing environment for positive discussions, development of resources and suggestions for change that will have a lasting impact for Human Rights, Social Inclusion and the Spiritual and Emotional Well being for all Aboriginal and Islander peoples in this country.
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  1. John says:

    Really great! I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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