An Important Message from Brian Butler

I grow more and more concerned about those amongst us, our own Aboriginal peoples, who are breaching proper conduct and acting against true community control. The holding of illegal Annual General Meetings and wasting money that should rightfully be going to our peoples to enhance their living conditions is intolerable.

I would like to see a National Audit/Inquiry into all the fraud going on within all Non-Government Organisations run by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. This is where our people are suffering the most to their serious detriment.

I am calling on all people who want something done about this criminal activity to get behind a cause calling for a National Audit/Inquiry so that this practice does not pass on to our children and grandchildren.

It must stop Now!

Today I will be placing an AGENDA ITEM to the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples (NCAFP) for immediate action.

I only have a short time left on the NCAFP Board and I will face a new election soon, to be conducted sometime this year (2013).

I want to do as much as I can to expose the many crooks within the Aboriginal Industry.

Aboriginal people have been regarded as a soft touch for too long, being ripped off at every opportunity because these crooks know that Government WILL NOT hold Audits or conduct an Inquiry, but when Government want to take action towards our people, when it is convenient for them to show themselves up for the ‘Vote Catch’ from the mainstream, it all of a sudden becomes an urgency!

This year has got to be one for our young children and I want to impress on the whole of society that it is time for serious ACTION!

Yours in Unity through Lateral Love & Spirit of care for all Humankind,

Brian Butler

Mobile: 0419 801 085

Email: or


“The Decade of Lateral Love Around the World 2012 – 2022”

“Zero Tolerance to Lateral Violence & Racism”

About Lateral Love® Australia

Lateral Love® Australia Lateral Love® Australia is devoted to bringing lateral violence, particularly for Aboriginal & Islander (including the Torres Strait) Peoples of Australia, into the public arena. Lateral Love® Australia aims to share truthful information about the history of Australia, highlighting the deliberate impact of colonization, and the damage made to the Human Spirit regardless of race due the manifestations of lateral violence. William Brian Butler & his niece Nicola Butler are the individuals behind the "Lateral Love® & Spirit of Care for all Humankind 2012 - 2022 Campaign". This campaign is a product of the culmination of the life works of William Brian Butler and Nicola Butler creating an ongoing, living, breathing environment for positive discussions, development of resources and suggestions for change that will have a lasting impact for Human Rights, Social Inclusion and the Spiritual and Emotional Well being for all Aboriginal and Islander peoples in this country.
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2 Responses to An Important Message from Brian Butler

  1. Lynelle Mace says:

    These people and they know who they are, will one day have to answer to the Ancestors who are ever vigilant. They will ultimately become a Yowie, stuck between this world and the next, crying out, eternally for a way out. Our legends were handed down for a reason, as a warning to control our greed. So we can leave our descendants a better world for our passing. I seriously feel a lot of our mob are with out a conscience. I also know many of us will experience a better place beyond here, but to many of us won’t.

  2. Lynelle Mace says:


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